What is the best software for creating free 3D models?


Designing and drafting is a big industry subject to constant change and development. The ever-increasing demand for creating realistic 3D models and images has created an opportunity for many 3D design software applications to fill in. Unfortunately, most of the highly recommended and widely used software are paid ones. This makes it difficult for designers, especially novice ones, to cater to their clients’ needs.

With this article, we’ll be listing down MORE THAN SEVEN FREE 3D DESIGN SOFTWARE that you can use for personal as well as commercial purposes.

Enhance your data management and standardize the details while designing assets and characters with these software programs today!


The star 3D software that every designer swears by is Blender, which is totally “FREE”! This intuitive software has updated features that make it the best fit for creating 3D animated characters and asset designs. With this all-encompassing software, you can do modelling, rigging, simulation, animation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking, and video editing.

These specs give you a free hand to make a representation of your object while perfecting the texture, colours, thickness, lamination, and other physical features of the object. This way, you can easily materialize your idea virtually to see what the prototype will be like. Another advantage of these specs is the proactive approach that you engage in while using this software; you can foresee and predict the flaws in the model and save time and cost in correcting the errors. The designers’ community loves Blender as it is great for beginners and serves as a great platform for experts.

Open-source code gives Blender an edge to its users as it can be used by anyone without raising questions about copyrights. Blender has a talented and beneficial community of game developers and a built-in engine. These added features make it a welcoming and comfortable software for users of all expertise levels.


One of the best software used by many is “Sketchup”. It has a free as well as a paid version, but the free version is sufficiently detailed for any beginner to create amazing 3D designs. It is mostly used commercially for infrastructure and asset designing. Interior designers and architects all around the world practice and use it in their practical work. Moreover, game developers use it to design video games. The users of this software may enjoy the leverage of a 3D warehouse, which is an open library source for uploading and downloading various existing 3D models. The “push and pull” tool provides a number of possibilities for dragging the points and shaping the structure. All in all, Sketchup is one great tool that you can use to amp up your 3D designing skills!


“Skulptris” is another 3D designing software that derives its name from the idea of “sculpting clay”. This free designing tool gives you the freedom to create life-like organic models using a wide range of brushes that allow you to sculpt the models. The features that allow you to manipulate the virtual clay are pulled, push, pinch, and twist buttons. The manipulated virtual clay gives you an exact picture of the execution of your ideal character.


Designers, specifically beginners, frequently use “WINGS 3D”, which is free, open-source software that you can put on your list. The designers’ community believes in Wings 3D as it creates excellent and accurate hard surface models. You can use this software to create furniture, infrastructure, and characters. Standard and advanced tools like sculpting, tweaking, virtual mirrors, and magnet masking open the floor for you to try various design techniques and generate numerous designs.


In addition to this, “GIMP” is trusted and popular software to design 3D models. This “GNU Image Manipulation Program” has a lot to offer you. Firstly, it is free, so it’s accessible to everyone interested in design. Secondly, the software includes a number of tutorials and plugins that help you move up the learning curve; that means a designer of any proficiency level can use it. This free 3D software highlights the tools that allow one to retouch images, crop noise reduction, adjust colour, and customize brushes, interface, and gradients. The animation package and montage features are a cherry on top!


Getting on the bandwagon, DAZ has also created a free 3D design software called “Hexagon.” It equips the designer with tools to create detailed 3D models; these tools allow you to do freehand designing and colouring with freehand modelling brushes and advanced colours. It also offers sculpted primitives to the designers. However, this software has a downside: to do the final rendering, you might have to export it to the DAZ studio, which is a paid program.


“Tinkercad” has also made the list of the best free 3D design software. It has a user-friendly interface and proves to be one of the most resourceful educational platforms for beginners. With this software, one can design, program, and simulate. It also offers a direct connection to a 3D printer, which is a great feature.

Other free software includes“Vectary”, “3D Slash”, “Leopoly”, and “Meshmixer”.


“Vectary” is practised mostly by beginners for graphic design, product design, and game design. The software offers sharing and collaboration tools as well as direct 3D printing. Its extensive library holds many resources and primitive designs that can be worked on. “3D Slash” differs from it in its practising manner as it works around the building blocks workflow, whereby each block is individually modified. Tools like hammers and trowels give the user a real-world feel and experience.


Since the field of designing is dynamic and evolving, new software or updated ones are introduced every now and then. With the help of this software, programs one can make the process of designing manageable and quick. Take charge of your 3D designing skills today with this software!

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