DWG TO DGN Conversion

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DWG to DGN Conversion Service

Due to our extensive experience with the industry, we have a very good understanding of the requirements for converting AutoCAD DWG files into standard compatible Bentley Microstation DGN files.

What is a DWG to DGN CAD File conversion?

DWG to DGN conversion

The companies produce drawings that include electrical layouts, component drawings & schematics in AutoCAD from Autodesk. Certain industries come with specific standards for CAD file types to be used. The rail industry comes with the mining industry in Australia, which uses Bentley Micro-station as standard CAD Software. It comes with suppliers that provide drawings in Microstation file format, called DGN.

AutoCAD has, in recent years, added an export function within the software to Export to DGN. Also, Bentley Microstation can open DWG files and save them as DGN files. Based on this, there should be no problem then. It is not that simple to adhere to CAD standards set out by the industry. The files need to be referenced in a certain way, like Xref for AutoCAD, and specific levels should be used, like layers for AutoCAD.

How can we assist with DWG to DGN Conversion?

DWG to DGN Format Conversion provides AutoCAD (DWG) to MicroStation (DGN) conversion. It enables access and editing of DWG files in DGN format. The conversion of files from DWG to DGN format ensures compatibility between various CAD systems. We follow CAD standards and provide error-free CAD conversions.

Usually, the drawing requires a CAD Conversion with 2D Drawings of electrical or mechanical layouts, component drawings or schematics. Firstly, we would obtain the relevant CAD Standard and establish a contact person within network rail or LUL with whom we can work. As these projects are often multiple drawings. We worked on projects by converting 10 drawings to 1000+. Our experts use the best CAD programs to convert dwg and help customers grow globally.

  1. Using Software Tools: Several software tools are available specifically designed for converting CAD files between different formats. AutoCAD and MicroStation both have built-in capabilities for conversion. Additionally, third-party software like Bentley’s MicroStation or Autodesk’s AutoCAD can handle these conversions.
  2. Online Conversion Services: There are online services that offer file conversion between various formats, including DWG to DGN. These services typically allow you to upload your DWG file and download the converted DGN file. However, be cautious about the privacy and security of your files when using online services.
  3. Batch Conversion: If you have a large number of DWG files to convert, batch conversion tools can save time. These tools allow you to convert multiple files simultaneously, streamlining the process.
  4. Macro or Scripting: If you have programming knowledge, you can create macros or scripts to automate the conversion process. This can be especially useful for repetitive tasks or for integrating the conversion process into your existing workflow.
  5. Manual Conversion: In some cases, manual conversion might be necessary, particularly if the DWG file contains complex elements that don’t translate well automatically. This involves opening the DWG file in MicroStation and recreating the design manually.
  6. Check for Compatibility Issues: Before conversion, ensure that both the DWG and DGN formats support the necessary elements and features of your design. Some features may not translate perfectly between formats, so it’s essential to review the converted file to ensure accuracy.
  7. Quality Control: After conversion, thoroughly review the DGN file to ensure that all elements, dimensions, annotations, and other components are accurately converted. Make any necessary adjustments or corrections to ensure the integrity of the design.

Usually, the following work can be required

  • Clean out existing DWG Files (remove redundant layers, blocks, etc.)
  • Assign new Levels within Micro-station
  • Reference and fill out the new Title block
  • Check all Reference Files
  • Check Model Origins

To ensure the standards, we would work directly with Network Rail or LUL, which is most preferred.

Send us your DWG files that convert them to DGN files or vice versa. We convert CAD files from any version of DWG, AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD 2006, AutoCAD 2005, AutoCAD 2004, AutoCAD 2002, AutoCAD 2000i, AutoCAD 2007 and older versions) To any version of DGN (V7 and V8 MX). Our methodology retains the layers and levels during the conversion from DGN to DWG.

How much does a DWG to DGN CAD Conversion cost?

It depends on the quality of the existing DWG files and how far they differ from the required CAD Standard. We usually produce a sample file that gets signed. Based on that sample file, we establish an average per-file price. We used to carry out small projects as well as conversion from +1000 files.

How secure are is our information with Drafting Australia?

Especially for work such as CAD Conversion, many companies seek to outsource the work to countries such as India as this seems cheaper in the first instance. We add that we, as a company policy, do not outsource our work. All our work is carried out in Australian-based offices with our dedicated servers.

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