3D Scanning

Streamline your design process with our efficient CAD drafting services.

3D Laser Scanning to produce new CAD Models from existing components

Our Reverse Engineering Team specialises in re-creating parts in CAD using 3D Laser Scanners

What are 3d Laser Scanning parts?

3d laser scanning australia

3D Scanning and Laser Scanners are tools or devices that utilize the combination of laser and other distance measurements to generate polygon meshes. 3D scanner collates data on a shape using laser and images. The data collected here is in a mesh cloud format used to reproduce 3D CAD Models. It noted that the scan process isn’t as simple as just scanning an item. The 3d Scanning needs real-time and high-resolution design and then needs a 3D CAD model. The format of a Laser Scan can used as a reference model.

Laser Scanning is a fast, highly accurate and safe non-contact method. It captures the dimensions of a physical object in the form of a digital point cloud. The point cloud is used to create a 3D CAD model that is exported into significant CAD packages. The few most common uses for Laser 3D Scanning Technology include Engineering Design, Reverse Engineering, Heritage preservation, quality control and as-built documentation. Laser 3d Scanning and 3d printing replace the need for all on-site manual measuring. 

A new 3D CAD model for a Laser Scan creation involves the following stages:

  • Prepare it and Laser Scan the Part
  • Add Clean-up scan data
  • Use Scan Data as a Reference, create a fresh 3D CAD model

How do we 3D Laser scan parts to reproduce the components on 3D CAD?

We use excellent 3d Scanning and 3d printing laser scanning parts that need Reverse Engineering. We create fresh 3D CAD models in CAD software packages, including Solidworks and scanned data. The 3D CAD model develops new manufacturing drawings.

Our primary services include:

Scanning and supplying cleaned-up Mesh Data

Scanning Parts and creating new 3D CAD Models

Scan Part, with developing a new 3D CAD Model. It produces manufacturing drawings.

We offer the best 3D Laser Scanning Services that include 3D CAD drawings, 3D Laser Scan BIM, and 3D Modeling Services.

  • Our CAD 3D Modelling/3D Laer Scanning Technician possesses the following qualification:
  • Strong experience in various CAD software development.
  • Sound knowledge of principles, procedures, and techniques for mechanical drafting.
  • Capture Laser Scanning data and later process cloud point data.
  • Utilize industry-standard software/hardware like Leica P16, Cyclone, and 3D Reshaper.
  • Solid modelling and 3D features of designing and drawing.
  • Ability to create drawings in alliance with several company standards.

Our first big step is to make a site visit and start 3d Scanning. Setting the scanner in six different locations. Collecting the necessary number of points in the level we would like after. Each scan takes approximately six minutes, and targets are of no use if there are more flat surfaces. It usually places spherical targets and checkerboard targets to help your registration software “stitch” the scans together.

Once our scans are complete, our site visit shall be done, and we will go back to the office to register our scans.

There are several points that are needed for cloud registration software options. We used various packages depending on the size of the project. The registration process is usually completed on the same day.

  • Launch the software
  • Import the files from the scanner
  • Register

With a registered point cloud, use our software to make the task more accessible and more manageable. Dumping the complete cloud into 3D modelling software is not possible due to its sheer file size. We use the software segment into more bite-size pieces. It becomes easier for CAD modelling software to digest it. It takes only minutes to use the tools included in the software.

With specific sections, cut down all the models. Import them into 3D modelling software. Now, start modelling walls, doors, windows, structures, etc. Modelling time can vary significantly on how much or how little detail we are trying to get out of the scan.

3D Scanning Service

The advantage of using the cut sections from the registered point cloud is a template to follow. We typically start with the more accessible items first, then walls, floor, and, at last, ceiling. Later, we go after the structural system. The trusses used in it were modelled once and then copied and pasted.

The bulk of the walls and structure are complete. We created some cut sections and then a ceiling plan.

We use the best Drafting Design Tools and Software.

We have a team of Expert Engineers & Drafters capable of using any software that your business might require. With time, we have successfully managed our Drafting and Design projects that involve software like AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Solidworks, Microstation, Revit Architecture, Architectural Desktop, and 3D Studio Max.