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Paper to CAD Conversion is the procedure of converting Paper Drawings (physical or scanned) into 3D CAD models and/or 2D Drawings.

We create new 3D CAD Models and 2D Drawings from existing Paper Drawings.

What is Paper to CAD Conversion?

Paper to CAD Conversion offers a procedure to scan drawing paper and digitise them into 3D CAD models and 2D Drawings. The process to digitise refer as raster to vector conversion. We have a team that offer drafting services using high-quality drawings.

Companies often have drawings or individual parts created before quality CAD and have the paper drawings on file.

With the digitisation of every step associated with any particular engineering project, the paper to CAD conversion is an utmost requirement. No doubt, the paper drawings are essential but to continue the project design process implement the different engineering technologies that convert the hard copies of drawings to digital formats is an absolute necessity.

The conversion process offers the client’s project drawings in fully editable CAD formats. The procedure used for converting any engineering documents is architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings. In addition to the engineering drawings, the drawings converted to CAD are the lease boundaries, topographical maps, USGS drawings, contour maps and many more.

What Paper to CAD Conversion Service did we offer?

paper to cad conversion

We provide accurate paper to CAD conversion services to companies Australia wide. Our CAD conversion expert team ensures that every feature and design element of the original drawing converts to CAD form accurately. We provide accurate conversion of raster to vector format. We convert archived paper drawings on A0, A1, A2, A3, E, D, and C to a fully editable CAD file. Our team works on providing the best design drafting services that come with cost-effective solutions.

Our expertise converts paper drawings to .dwg or .dxf format. We offer PDF to CAD conversion. We work with either scanned PDF or original PDF format to convert Dwg or 3d format.

We convert existing paper drawings into CAD by either:

Using the information on paper, we create new 3D CAD models using Software such as Solidworks

From the 3D CAD model, we create fully dimensioned 2D CAD Drawings

Using the information on paper, we create new 2D CAD Drawings in PDF, DWG/DXF format

All work is carried out in Australia with our Servers also being Australia based. Your information is safe with us.

Advantages of CAD Conversion Services include:

  • Better analysis of data.
  • Overall reduction in costs of the project.
  • Easy to store & retrieve the relevant project data.
  • Easy integration & coordination of engineering plans and specifications.
  • Development of good quality digital CAD drawings come from even poor-quality hardcopies.

For the paper to CAD conversion services, it is vital to check that the digital files created the dimensionally accurate as per the original paper drawings. The proper engineering standards that come to the particular geographical location are followed. Professionals with explicit knowledge of computer-aided drafting can evaluate the scaling and accuracy of digital drawings.

The paper on CAD conversion services is major undertaken in two essential steps. The first step required drawings, and the maps were scanned using the scanners and advanced functionalities. Large-format scanners are used to get better quality scanned copies. In the next step, the CAD conversion software is for digitising the scanned drawings. The different CAD conversion software is used in the industries like Autodesk Inventor, DGNLink and CATS etc.

Clients get their drawings in any particular computer-aided design format they need. One of the essential things to check in the paper to CAD conversion procedure is to return the original drawings safely to the customer after the process completes.

How much does a Paper to CAD conversion cost?

Our expertise offers fixed cost quotations. We believe that hourly rates do not reflect the actual value of service and do not provide a final cost. We would be able to give quotes based on samples or a complete drawing package.

CAD Drafting Design Tools and Software

Our Expert Engineers & Drafters are versatile to use any software that your project needs. We successfully manage Drafting and Design projects involving Software like AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Solidworks, Revit Architecture, Architectural Desktop, Microstation, and 3D Studio Max.