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Apart from any initial research that may be required, the concept stage is the first piece of design work that gives a new design idea it’s form and function in a visual representation. This stage normally involves an exploration of possible options. This could be a range of many different styles and methods of operation. It could also show versions with different manufacture methods providing a range of different value designs. For example if a range of products is planned then a budget, mid value and a premium option could be designed. As with all product design stages the exact requirements and deliverable will be tailored to the project being undertaken.

What are Concepts Drawings?

The first step (in term of CAD) of any new Component or Product is the Concept Drawing. These drawings are usually based on Sketches, Prototypes and Design Meetings. This drawings greatly assist explaining the new Product or Component to others. Concept Drawings are a Top Level General Arrangement drawing and can include the following information:

  • Multible Views (Plan, Side, Isometric etc.)

  • Exploded if multiple components/assemblies

  • In Colour if this assist

  • in 3D (can be reviewed by free 3D viewing software such as eDrawings)

  • Annotated to give better explanation

  • Overall Dimensions


We are able to create Concept Drawings using 3D CAD software such as Solidworks. These Drawings can be in colour and show as much details as required. We will work closely with our clients using the information available to us such as Hand Sketches, Diagrams or existing prototypes.

On occasion the idea may have already been planned out and a form selected. Additionally the design budget may also be restricted meaning that only a single concept is required to move the project onto the next stage. However it is always recommended to explore any possible design options early on so that the product design idea progresses forward with the best possible design.

Each concept is displayed in a visually stimulating presentation with associated information and instructional annotations. These can then be used to evaluate the designs against each other and also for building a crowd funding campaign. The sole purpose of a concept design is to establish the product’s form and function in order to start subsequent stages engineering the product or creating a prototype.

A concept is not something that is ready for manufacture or prototyping. It would not be time efficient to prepare and engineer all concept design options for prototyping as those concepts not chosen would be wasted. Furthermore if any changes are required then the engineering work may need to be redone. Therefore the design process is broken down to be the most time efficient and cost effective as possible to ensure you, the client, remain in control and dictate the project requirements.

2D Drafting Design Tools and Software

Our Expert Engineers & Drafters are versatile enough to use any software that your process might require. We have successfully managed Drafting and Design projects involving software such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD,Solidworks, Revit Architecture, Architectural Desktop, Microstation, and 3D Studio Max.