Our CAD Drafting team will create new 3D CAD Models using Software such as Solidworks to produce new 3D CAD Models of Mechanical components.  

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We create 3D CAD models from existing mechanical components

Why would one need 3D CAD Modelling of Mechanical Components?

This service is required by our customers who have existing parts but no 3D CAD models for their items. This will result in them requiring 3D CAD models of existing mechanical components. The 3D CAD Models can be used for

  • Updating our costumers 3D CAD library

  • 3D Printing

  • New Manufacturing Drawings

How does the process work?

We either use supplied 2D Drawings or measure supplied components to create the 3D CAD models

What do we supply?

From the new 3D CAD models we can:

  • provide 3D CAD models in Solidworks, STEP or IGES format

  • create new Manufacturing drawings

  • create flat patterns

  • create Renderings

How much does it cost?

We always try to give fixed prices for a job. Our pricing will be based on the quantity and complexity of the parts. With large quantities we try an establish a mean complexity or complexity groups to which we agree a price. We will usually be able to quote from images sent via email.

2D Drafting Design Tools and Software

Our Expert Engineers & Drafters are versatile enough to use any software that your process might require. We have successfully managed Drafting and Design projects involving software such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD,Solidworks, Revit Architecture, Architectural Desktop, Microstation, and 3D Studio Max.