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Australian Design & Drafting Service to provide the best quality prints, quick turn around times and printing services for AutoCAD Printing/Plotting, Revit Printing, Large Format Printing, Wide Format Printing, Large Format Copying and Large Format Scanning throughout Australia. We provide an innovative way for customers to order, print, and distribute documents, plans, and posters with the fastest delivery. Our document scanning and solutions help businesses go paperless. Draftings Services Australia scanning is set up for high-volume scanning and can cope with bulk requirements for any business. Offering the latest scanning technology, through continuous investment.


cad drawing scanning Australian Design & Drafting mostly complete large-format document scanning on one of our large format feed scanners which can process drawings quickly, safely and with a superb level of accuracy. One of our experienced scanner operators will feed the image through the scanner making sure there are no issues. Our operators are required to wear gloves whilst working to avoid any potential smudging of drawings and plans and fingerprints from being imprinted onto film paper-based drawings often found in slightly older large-format architect image layouts.

Preserve your intellectual property, including maps, blueprints, technical files, plans, and PDF and CAD drawings, with our large format scanning and data capture solutions.

Our attention to detail and top-of-the-line equipment will allow you to modernise your business practices, improve workflow and cut overheads. The large-format plan scanning service is engineered to produce an accurate and fully indexed result.

  • Scan plan sizes A3, A2, A1 and A0
  • Map and Plan wide format scanning up to 1.3m wide by unlimited length
  • Scan media up to 14mm thickness
  • Scanning can be done at high resolution, either Colour or Black & White


Document scanning and digital indexing will improve your organisation’s document management processes, ultimately helping your business reduce time wasted searching for documents, reduce overheads, and improve customer service levels. We can apply image enhancements to old or poor-quality drawings and plans to make them fully readable again if required. When the drawing scanning and enhancement process is completed, each image is inspected and compared against the original drawing to ensure the highest quality output.


cad printing

We specialize in CAD Plotting / CAD Printing / Plan Printing directly from AutoCAD. We also specialise in Revit Printing services like 3D CAD design / BIM use increases. These may include drawings and plans for architects, engineers, surveyors, designers, planning officers, building officers, solicitors, settlement agents, etc.

We pride ourselves on being able to produce quality CAD prints with quick turnaround times at competitive prices. We can print to B1, B2 & B3 Printing sizes also and any other miscellaneous size, contact us for details. We provide a same-day pickup and drop-off service for large orders locally to the Brisbane CBD. Large Format Copying and Scanning are available at A0, A1, A2 & A3. We can Copy and Scan B1, B2 & B3 sizes also and any other miscellaneous size. Hard copies can be posted to our address or dropped off locally.

We provide services for anybody who uses A4 Printing, A3 Printing, A2 Printing, A1 Printing & A0 Printing in the local area and nationwide via our postal service. Please contact us for miscellaneous sizes; we will cater to your online printing needs. Printing includes folding and collation unless otherwise requested. CAD conversion is also possible after our drawing scanning service has been completed. Our company can cope with any size of document, from small format, e.g. A3, A4 or small format tickets and forms, right up to large format drawings and plans in A1 or A0 size. We can find a solution for you if you have larger, wide-format documents.

The company has an in-house IT team who can help with your requirements. Our wide format scanners can cope with most paper types, e.g. fabric, canvas, drawing paper or vellum. Documents or images can be scanned in colour or black and white. The company’s team can scan large format documents up to AO in size and output them in a range of formats, including TIFF and PDF. Employees are experienced in scanning architectural drawings, construction plans, engineering drawings and utility plans. Large Format documents can be scanned in mono or colour.