Creating CAD Models and Drawings from existing Parts & Components

Our Reverse Engineering team assists in producing new CAD Drawings & 3D CAD Models from existing components/parts.

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As part of our Reverse Engineering Service we create new Drawings from existing parts/components

How to get new Drawings from existing parts?

There are several situations that one would require CAD Drawings of existing parts.

  1. Drawings are with the existing manufacturer and one would possibly like to try other manufacturers

  2. Drawings simply don’t exist, the tooling however does.

  3. One would like to own ones own product drawings and not be so dependant on the manufacturer

  4. Changes required to an existing product

The parts get supplied and then measured (either by CMS or Hand) to then generate a new 3D CAD model. At this stage one can easly introduce any changes that might be required. From the 3D CAD model one can then create new Manufacturing Drawings.

How can we assist in getting new drawings on existing products?

The existing  parts usually get shipped to us. We would then extract all the data for creating new 3D CAD models. Our team is very used to  measuring with Calibres, Micrometers etc.

Based on the 3D CAD models (which we would create in Solidworks) we would prduce fully dimensioned CAD drawings. Which can then be exported as PDF and/or DXF format.

How much does Reverse Engineering cost?

We firmly believe in fixed price options for our clients as hourly rates give no indication of time frame nor total cost. We therefore can usually provide fixed quotes based on images supplied to us via email.

2D Drafting Design Tools and Software

Our Expert Engineers & Drafters are versatile enough to use any software that your process might require. We have successfully managed Drafting and Design projects involving software such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD,Solidworks, Revit Architecture, Architectural Desktop, Microstation, and 3D Studio Max.