2D CAD Drawing: Benefits, Limitations, and Solutions

2D CAD Drawing: Benefits, Limitations, and Solutions

Which tool do you use for concept development and engineering? When you ask the professionals, you must have come across the tool AutoCAD 2D drawing. But is it the perfect tool available in the market to fulfil your needs? Well, you'll get the answer to your question in this blog piece.

Have you tried manual drafting? It's a tedious and painful process. Even for minor modifications, you have to create new engineering drawings. The struggle to submit them at scheduled times adds to the problem. But thanks to technology, we finally have tools that can help engineers make these designs through computers. You no longer have to wonder what 2D drawing is and how you make it successful.

One such prominent tool in the world of concept development and engineering drawings is 2D Cad Drawing. Its drafting tools make it simple for you to create accurate 2D drawings. You only need proper visualization; the tools will help you set up your desired design.

AutoCAD lets drafters, architects, and engineers create 2D and 3D models of solid surfaces.

Even if you use 3D CAD drafting, AutoCAD 2D drawing tool still holds its position because of its one aspect, i.e. artistry.

Benefit of 2D CAD drawings

1.      Accurate designs

When you use this tool, you eliminate all the errors regarding inaccuracy. How? The tools allow you to decide on the units of measurement before starting the design. Then, you can create your models at a 1:1 scale.

Moreover, you must be very precise while drawing lines manually. But the tool saves you time and energy by helping you create different line weights and dimensions only through clicks.

2.      Flexibility

When you draft your creation, you prepare separate layers manually. But while using this tool, you can create transparent overlays. Now, how are these overlays beneficial? It means you can display, edit, or print any of these layers separately. Thus, it becomes easier to manage and structure your drawings.

3.      Quick process

Since the entire drawing is done through clicks, it doesn't consume much time to complete the project. Even if you need to do revisions, you can only feed the data and make changes throughout the project.

Disadvantages of 2D drawings

  • You may get confused while checking your work as it may get difficult to identify the errors.
  • Since the tool cannot understand the assembly and git, it doesn't understand that the product design is complex.
  • 2D designs need physical prototyping to display clear information.
  • Making changes in 2D drawings is difficult and time-consuming.


Every software has its pros and cons. And every con also has a solution. So, while you use this tool, you'll figure out that its advantages outweigh its limitations.

Again, AutoCAD 2D drawing is popular because it is eco-friendly. Manual designs waste a lot of paper, but since the software is digital, it prevents the felling of trees.

Because of its data storage and easy accessibility, no wonder people have understood the importance of 2D drawing, making it the most renowned tool in the market.

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